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Bob Wilson, a founding member of the HKWSC, its first Chairman and now an Honorary Adviser, is a regular contributor of articles to the Fragrant Harbour Magazine on behalf of the HKWSC,  Those articles reflect the Council's concerns and views on various water sport related matters.  A list of the articles is given below together with a PDF copy of the actual article as it appeared in the Fragrant Harbour Magazine.  A web link is also provided to the relevant Issue of the Fragrant Harbour Magazine by clicking on the underlined Issue No.

Issue No 276 The Hong Kong Water Sports Council (July 2014)

Issue No 277 Proposal for Kai Tak Water Sports Centre (September 2014)

Issue No 278 Water Sports Demonstration Day at Kai Tak in October 2014 (October 2014)

Issue No 279 CE's Policy Address January 2015 (January 2015)


Issue No 280 Asian Games Medals are Hard Earned (March 2015)

Issue No 281 Dragon Boating Started Right Here (June 2015)

Issue No 282 Re-connecting to the Harbour (August 2015)

Issue No 283 Tseung Kwan O Water Sports Centre ​ (November 2015)

Issue No 284 The importance of sports clubs (January 2016)

Issue No 285 The importance of sports clubs (continued) (April 2016)

Issue No 286 Designing Hong Kong's Harbour (June 2016)

Issue No 287 Water quality improvement (August 2016)

Issue No 288 Kai Tak International Watersports Centre (November 2016)

Issue No 289 Tseung Kwan O Water Sports Centre (January 2017)

Issue No 290 Water sports everywhere .... and for everyone (April 2017)

Issue No 291 Surrounded by water .... all 1,650 square kilometres of it (July 2017)

Issue No 292 A practical approach to water quality (September 2017)

Issue No 293 New Youth Development Commission (January 2018)

Issue No 294 Private Recreational Leases (April 2018)

Issue No 295 Private Recreational Leases continued (June 2018)

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