The Hong Kong Life Saving Society (HKLSS) is a voluntary organization aimed at combating water-related accidents. We were established in 1956 by a group of lifesaving enthusiasts. We are now a full member of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). Over the past 60 years, we have been active in promoting lifesaving movement in Hong Kong. We arrange lifesaving training and examinations of all levels, promote lifesaving sport and disseminate water safety education to people. Currently, there are over 32,876 lives being saved by our lifesavers, and we have over 110 affiliated club members and more than 150,000 individual members.

Lifesaving Training

Every year, we organize different types and levels of training courses including Bronze Medallion, pool rescue, open water rescue courses as well as aquatic first aid, etc. We introduce high-ended lifesaving equipment to Hong Kong like Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB), Jet Ski and Rescue Board. We organize coaching courses and are committed to nurturing a lifesaving force of high potential and commitment to meet the needs ahead.


We are the sole organization in conducting lifesaving examinations and awarding credentials in Hong Kong. Our awards are widely recognized by government and the private sector. Through an accreditation programme, a number of our awards are recognized by ILS as having met the international standard. We arrange examinations of all levels throughout the year to ensure that we have adequate number of lifesaving personnel to serve the community. The qualified lifeguards are employed to serve in gazetted beaches, public swimming pools or the private sector. We appoint examiners directly and they have to undergo continuous professional enrichment programme to maintain fairness and consistency in examinations. We will also appoint persons of high caliber from affiliated clubs or professionals to assist in conducting examinations. 

Water Safety Education

The most effective way to prevent water-related accidents is to educate people the importance of water safety. From time to time, we give lectures or organize promotional events for government departments, schools and the private sector to disseminate the importance of water safety.  Our target is not only to the public but also for children and adolescents so that they have knowledge of water safety like self-survival and simple lifesaving techniques.   Recently, we have published Hong Kong Water Safety Signage Style Manual for enhancing safety awareness and accident prevention. In addition, the latest Water Safety Self-survival Course on how to survive in the adverse natural environment received enthusiastic responses from participating organizations.


We host local lifesaving competitions like Hong Kong Open Life Saving Championships and actively participate in international events. We are a member of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and receive subvention from the Government in promotion of lifesaving. To accommodate this, we organize lifesaving ironkids and sports training scheme and also courses for officials and coaches. We also identify and enlist athletes of high potential from local competitions for long-term training in National and Regional Squads and send them to compete in international events. In recent years, our results have been promising and Hong Kong Team has won medals in international events. These achievements have indeed enlivened Hong Kong’s image in international sports arena! 

Serving the Community

People who finish the lifesaving training and pass the examination may take part in honorary lifesaving service in public swimming pools or beaches through us. The HKLSS Open Water Honorary Lifeguard Team participates in several major local open water events every year, providing honorary lifeguard service to ensure a safe environment for the participants.  Interested parties please contact us or local Venue Based Lifeguard Clubs at public swimming pools for details.


Repulse Bay Training Headquarters & Venue Based Life Guard Clubs (VBLGCs)

Situated among traditional Chinese legendary statues is the famous tourist spot ---- the HKLSS Repulse Bay Training Headquarters.  Every year, we host several events there, such as Winter Swimming Lifesaving Championships, Hong Kong Life Saving Marathon and Water Safety Day.  Besides, we organize weekly or biweekly public beach examinations and various open water training throughout the year.  In addition, there are 30 pool and 8 beach VBLGCs distributed in public swimming pools and gazetted beaches all over the territories providing nearby lifesaving training for general public.


Contact Us

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